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Training VDOT Charts


Jack Daniels VDOT and Training Charts

Jack Daniels has made a science of Oxygen efficiency a science in his book Daniels Running Formula.  He has popularized the concept of VO2 Max – the Maximum sustained Volume of Oxygen used to create energy.  The faster a runner can go, the greater the amount of Oxygen they are able to process.  Daniels has measured many, many athletes over the past 25 years and has developed the next two pages of charts that can guide runners.

Daniels has found that a runner’s time can determine their approximate VO2 Max (VDOT Ranking).  The first chart shows this – which is a lot easier and cheaper than going into a lab and hooking up tubes into a face mask like you will see Lance Armstrong do at times.  Simply use your Mile or 2-Mile of 5K time and go to the left to find your own VDOT.  For example, if you run a 5:32 Mile – your VDOT is a 53.  Or if your 5K (Track) time is 17:45, then you are a 57.

The second chart shows the pace time for the different types of workouts.  For example, a VDOT of 53 (5:32 miler) says you should be running about 7:52 per mile pace for your easy long runs, threshold 1000’s at 4:04, Interval 400’s at 90 seconds, and Race Pace Intervals at 84 seconds.

Finally, note that the objective of our long term training program is to increase your VO2Max, and therefore your VDOT rating.  Each individual is different and progresses at different rates depending on their natural capabilities, how much work they are putting in, the consistency of that work and how mature their own physical development is.

Table 1 – Find your own VDOT Value

Jack Daniels



Table 2 – Workout Pace Levels








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